Consultant needed: Gender equality and social inclusion audit

02 February 2021

The Sanitation Learning Hub is seeking a gender equality and social inclusion (GESI) expert to perform a GESI audit of the Hub.

The purpose of the assignment is to assess and check the institutionalisation of gender equality and social inclusion, and explore intersectionality, in the SLH, including their organisational culture, projects, activities and outputs.

The GESI audit is intended as a participatory process to identify how GESI issues are addressed in the SLH’s programming portfolio and internal organizational processes.

A participatory methodology is intended to emphasise self-assessment alongside expert analysis, to allow for self-reflection by the SLH staff and selected stakeholders.

The assessment should be carried over February, March and April 2021, and should not take more than 25 days.

Please submit applications to by Friday 19th February.

Download the Terms of Reference for criteria and application instructions.