Call for Papers: Financialisation of Water in the Global South

17 March 2021

Our colleagues at the Institute of Development Studies are organising a conference panel on Financialisation of Water in the Global South at this year’s International Initiative to Promote Political Economy (IIPPE) conference, to be held 8-10 September.

The financialisation of water specifically in the Global South remains under-studied, particularly in a comparative approach, despite a well-established literature on water privatisation and neoliberalism already having critically studied important shifts in the financing of water in developing countries. Water financialisation spans different scopes and scales, ranging from intra-household dynamics and local governance arrangements to the level of regional utilities, national water politics and transnational river basin management.

The IDS team are seeking contributions which offer new empirical and conceptual insights and may help to bring about a more comparative discussion. They are particularly interested in contributions that use empirical research (broadly defined) to analytically make connections between different scopes and different levels or arenas of action, or which draw attention to currently under-recognised manifestations, drivers and outcomes of water financialisation. Papers must have an emphasis or a focus on water in low- or middle-income countries.

Proposals (max. 400 words) for papers to be part of the panel should be submitted by 15th April 2021; acceptance decisions will be communicated by 1st May 2021; the deadline for a full (draft) paper 15th August 2021.

Please submit proposals and address any queries to Dr. Philip Mader:

Read full details here: CfP Water financialisation in the Global South