Amplifying sanitation and hygiene practitioner voices

Deadline: 14 October 2021 17:00

The Sanitation Learning Hub is looking to capture country level and regional experiences, ideas, challenges and innovations from sanitation and hygiene practitioners through a series of blogs or short recordings.

Our first theme is ‘tough physical environments’. We are interested in experiences and learning beyond technology focussed interventions, involving people in areas with difficult terrains, facing environmental hazards, or are located very remotely. For more information, read our Challenging Contexts Learning Brief.

We want to amplify the voices and perspectives of practitioners working within countries at local and regional level through short written or video outputs which we will work on with you.

Practitioners could be:

  • Staff from National NGOs (inc. CSOs)
  • CBOs and rights holder organisations
  • Local government staff
  • Local staff from international NGOs and UN agencies.

We are open to contributions from all countries but are particularly interested in hearing from practitioners based in Nigeria, Pakistan, Indonesia and Ethiopia. We hope that this piece of work is just the first step in a process of deeper engagement with us.

If you have an idea to share please fill in the short template below and we can discuss your idea further.

The deadline for ideas is Thursday 14th October 2021 (UK time). We would love to hear from you.

    *In 200 words tell us how your idea relates to our chosen theme ‘Tough Physical Environments’. (People in areas with difficult terrains, facing environmental hazards, or far from resources such as clean water or sustainable building materials.) Please include:

    • the context, location and stakeholders;
    • the challenges to Sanitation and Hygiene.

    * required fields

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