New project: Achieving safely-managed sanitation in riverine communities in Sierra Leone

The Sanitation Learning Hub has recently started working with Welthungerhilfe (WHH) on the Global Program WASH Systems Strengthening (GWP). GWP delivers and strengthens services at the local level, works with local government or service authorities and influences national and international actors to build enabling environments. The GWP has a strong focus on promoting inclusive services to all.

The study to be conducted by SLH will focus on riverine communities in Sierra Leone. There is an urgent need for targeted interventions and investments to address challenges and ensure equitable access to WASH services and improved hygiene practices across Sierra Leone, where access to basic sanitation services reach only 13.6% of households.

Riverine communities have a set of conditions that make the achievement and sustainability of open defecation free status and the attainment of higher levels of sanitation services especially challenging. This includes challenging soil conditions, high water tables and seasonal flooding which cause contamination of groundwater and water sources for household use. Riverine communities are often in remote areas that are difficult to access by road.

SLH will develop practical recommendations for WHH and the sector to address the questions of barriers to access and use, knowledge of available sanitation products, available options and costs in local markets, and ideas and opportunities proposed by different groups, including those who may be disadvantaged.

The GWP is funded by BMZ and is implemented in India, Pakistan, Sierra Leone and Zimbabwe.

This study builds upon SLH’s portfolio of work on sanitation programming in challenging contexts and area-wide sanitation and hygiene.

This is part of our transition from core funding to a portfolio of learning partner projects. If you are interested in working with us as a learning partner, you can find more information here, or contact Naomi Vernon on [email protected].

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