Practical Support

Practical tools and recommended approaches to help sanitation and hygiene practitioners do their work well.

Adaptable, ‘combinable’ learning and sanitation approaches will be essential to end open defecation and meet the increasingly complex challenges of SDG 6.2.

How could you use these approaches in your work?

Context specific and adaptive approaches

Context specific and adaptive ‘umbrella’ approaches are vital in assessing which combination of learning and sanitation approaches are most suitable. Approaches need to be adapted to diverse contexts, to meet local challenges and needs, and to make sure we leave no one behind.

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Learning approaches >

Explore participatory, action-orientated research and learning approaches we champion and use ourselves, including Rapid Action Learning (RAL) approaches created by the Sanitation Learning Hub.

Sanitation approaches >

Some of the most successful rural and urban sanitation approaches, including area-wide approaches rolling out sanitation programming across larger regions.

Rural Sanitation

Urban Sanitation

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