Resource submission guidelines

Our team find new documents for the Sanitation Learning Hub collection from a variety of sources including submissions from Hub users.

Before submitting a resource, please familiarise yourself with the structure of the website and think about how the sanitation and hygiene resource you are suggesting would fit in.

Bear in mind that the SLH team hold bimonthly meetings when we review resource submissions. Across a year we aim to hold six review meetings.

Below are the criteria that help us select content:

Does the resource fit with SLH approach and values?

We are more likely to include it in our collection if it does. If the resource addresses one (or more) of the points below this is helpful:

  • Does it draw attention to knowledge gaps, blind spots and emerging questions in the sanitation and hygiene sector?
  • Does it support learning through sharing good practices, methodologies and innovations in programming and/or policy?
  • Does it reflect on participatory learning and research capturing ground level realities and community perspectives?
  • Does it reflect on experiences of innovating and testing action-orientated and/or adaptable approaches to support the sector in taking appropriate and timely action?

Is it adding to the conversation?

There are lots of great organisations providing access to large collections of WASH resources; rather than attempt to replicate this we want the SLH website to offer something different.

We aim to present a smaller curated collection of resources, based on our approach and values.  We also want to avoid too much repetition of similar resources, so we only include those which we think articulate key messages around an issue the most clearly. We also aim to do an annual audit of our resources to check which are still relevant or not.

So before you submit your resource it might be useful to do a search on our website to see if there are other similar resources, and to consider what the resource you are suggesting adds to the conversation.

To help the selection process it would be great if you can tell us what is new or different about this resource and the gap you see it filling on our website. Please send us a short paragraph or a few bullet points along with the resource. Please keep this brief.

Type of resources

The Sanitation Learning Hub provides access to published research, learning and guidance from a broad range of sources from around the world.

What we accept includes:

  • Reports (research reports, workshop reports, working papers, discussion papers, conference papers)
  • Case studies
  • Policy briefings
  • Toolkits
  • Guidance notes
  • Audio-visual material
  • Journal articles
  • Blogs published on other platforms.

Please note: If you have written a blog (or are planning to) and would like us to publish it as a SLH blog, please read the blog submission guidelines and use the blog submission form both found here

If you have multiple documents you would like us to include, or you have a document that is not yet online, you might prefer to email us on [email protected]. If you can’t see the answer to your question above, or have any other queries, please do get in touch.


We prioritise research from, or about developing countries but we will include other research we think is relevant to our users.

Copyright and licensing

Please make sure the resources are open access, or you have permission for us to host them. If you would like more information on Creative Commons licenses, please visit their website:

The metadata record created by the Sanitation Learning Hub to link to the documents is licensed as Open Access under a creative commons license (CC BY 3.0).


The majority of our resources are links to documents in PDF format but we can include Word, HTML or media resources including photos and video.


We can either link to a page where the resource is already hosted, but we also offer the option of hosting documents for you with your permission.


We reserve the right to reject resource submissions if we decide that the content or quality is not suitable for our website. We also reserve the right to remove resources if we decide to replace them or they become outdated in the future.

    Submit a resource!

    Please check through the guidance above before suggesting your resource.