Policy and practice: Evidence-driven rural sanitation programs for scale, equity, and sustainability in Africa

23 November 2021 15:00 - 16:30
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At AfricaSan6 conference, the Sanitation Learning Hub are co-convenors of this free online session on lessons learned from recent rural sanitation programs.

Tuesday 23rd November 3pm-4:30pm (UK time)

This session will begin with an overview of the progress in rural sanitation in Africa, including an analysis of funding commitments.

It will be followed by a presentation of lessons offered by the most recent evidence on performance of rural sanitation programming programs, featuring the following focal areas:

  • evidence of the opportunities for and challenges to achieving scaled and lasting rural sanitation gains;
  • the role of local governance;
  • understanding, nurturing, and strengthening markets for rural sanitation reaching the most vulnerable;
  • delivering sanitation products and services in challenging contexts and in the context of climate change;
  • and area-wide programming and the data science solutions that can support it.

The session will conclude with a discussion intended to encourage an evidence-driven approach to rural sanitation that recognizes the importance of integrated elements of demand generation, strengthening of value chains, and support of enabling environments, as well as the imperative for mobilizing domestic resources and bringing about long-term political leadership in support of rural sanitation.

It is also very much intended to function as a complement to AMCOW’s Africa Sanitation Policy Guidelines, which offer an opportunity to embed area-wide approaches in national policies.




  • WaterAid
  • SNV
  • Sanitation Learning Hub
  • World Bank


To attend the session you will need to register for AfricaSan6 conference which is entirely online this year. There is an option to attend for free.

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