Ecosystems perspectives

When it comes to climate change, it is vital that we expand our discussion beyond silos and adopt thinking that recognizes the interdependence of human life and the eco-systems of the planet we live on. This is as true for S&H as for other sectors and aspects of human life. We are called to move beyond seeing the sustainability of S&H as a mere continuation of services to a larger view that considers the environmental impacts of continuing business as usual in working towards universal access.

This requires a paradigm shift towards S&H solutions that integrate ecosystem and resource sustainability alongside objectives around development and improved access in order to avoid unintentionally increasing rather than reducing vulnerability to climate change.

Humans depend on a multitude of resources provided by ecosystems: food and water, predator-prey relationships that keep each other in check, climate and more. Without the health of these ecosystems, we cannot have resilience.

When coming up with S&H solutions, we must also be identifying ways to protect ecosystems and using their benefits and services in ways that do not compromise their availability for future generations are central to addressing climate change.

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