Older people

Adulthood is seldom differentiated to reflect differing physical ability, and changed access to S&H, which often diminishes with older age for men and women. People will experience changes and challenges at different times in their life, so there is no one definition of years of age for ‘older age’, however there are changes that many people face.

Defecation, washing, and bathing are the biggest daily challenges for many older people globally, surrounded with risks, fear, discomfort, and indignity. Men and women report problems of collecting and carrying water. Using communal facilities and those that require users to squat becomes harder with reduced mobility.

People of any age can experience incontinence, however it is more common among older people due to declining bladder functionality with age. Accessible water and sanitation facilities which are always available and designed for ease of use can help older people to meet their various S&H needs.