Events and workshops

In our workshops we use Rapid Action Learning (RAL) approaches to facilitate the sharing of good practices, methodologies and innovations

Workshops provide a informal, inclusive and safe space for peer-to-peer sharing and learning and immediate reflection and planning for action using what has been learnt.We have seen that creating a safe ‘exploration space’ often leads to valuable connections, insights and concrete steps forward.  

When organising and facilitating workshops we work with partners, consultants and practitioners, from across the sector and globe.

RAL approaches aim to draw attention to urgent knowledge gaps, blind spots and emerging questions, to support policymakers, practitioners and partners in responding swiftly to ground realities.

Read participant stories focused on the impact that the workshop had on their work, connections and goals.

SLH workshops. meetings and webinars (since October 2019)

Below we have listed all of our events both online and face-to-face since October 2019 (when the CLTS Knowledge Hub changed to the Sanitation Learning Hub).  You can also find links through to related webinar recordings or SLH Learning Briefs developed from the workshops.

How have Rapid Action Learning approaches been used for the national sanitation programme in India?

IDS, WaterAid and WSSCC colleagues reflect on the impact of Rapid Action Learning in India