4-in-1 Biogas Systems: A Field Study on Sanitation Aspects and Acceptance Issues in Chaoyang and Shenyang Municipalities, Liaoning Province

May 2011

This report discusses the use of the 4-in-1 biogas system, which has been promoted and implemented in colder regions of China. The report discusses the findings of a survey on the acceptability of 4-in-1 biogas systems in two townships in Liaoning Province, which was undertaken in July 2010.

The study looks specifically at the economic, social, technical, and environmental aspects of these systems, and discusses the advantages as well as the challenges that the systems currently face. While the environmental benefits of 4-in-1 biogas systems are often promoted by governmental agencies and environmental groups, the economic incentive is a much stronger motivator for farmers.

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PublisherCentre for Sustainable Environmental Sanitation, University of Science and Technology Beijing & Stockholm Environment Institute
ThemesClimate change, Mitigation, Sanitation value chain, Sustainability and safely managed sanitation

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