A District Level Roadmap for Universal Access to Sustainable Sanitation Services

April 2021

This sanitation roadmap was developed to address a gap in guidance, tools and case studies specifically focused on district-level sanitation services.

This approach considers the district as the entry point for strengthening systems, while also recognising the broader national enabling environment. It is intended for Agenda for Change members and governments seeking to improve decentralized processes of monitoring or planning and budgeting to achieve and sustain universal access to sanitation services.

It provides both a comprehensive overview and ‘how-to’ guidance. If you work on area-based approaches to sanitation this is worth reading.

In this document you will find:

  • A description of the scope and main differences between water and sanitation services
  • A step-by-step process for developing a WASH district roadmap focusing on sanitation service delivery
  • Examples of some Agenda for Change members’ district-wide approaches to sanitation services in 20+ countries
  • A list of useful resources for sanitation services

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