Facilitator’s Guide on Climate Change and WASH

January 2017

This training manual has been prepared for the climate change and sanitation and hygiene sector, to enhance knowledge and skills through delivery of training events.

Climate change is now a deep global concern. Human health is intimately related to climate, which has a wide range of health impacts by playing a key role in the ecology of many infectious diseases.

In addition, heat waves, floods, storms, fires and droughts already cause death, physical and psychological disease and injury. Scant availability and bad quality of water damage personal hygiene and health by increasing the frequency and spread of diarrheal diseases. Likewise, increasing droughts is exacerbating malnutrition and associated disorders. In this regard, raising awareness on climate change, its impact on water sources and public health and relevant adaptation technologies/measures are all key steps to move forward.

Additional details

PublisherGovernment of Nepal & National Water Supply and Sanitation Training Centre
ThemesClimate change, Vulnerability, resilience and adaptation

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