Financing Facility Landscape Assessment Report | WASH-FIN Working Paper No. 1

November 2018

Achieving the goal of universal access to water and sanitation demands monumental and unprecedented mobilization of resources. Government resources, donor contributions, and international financial institution funds in the form of grants and concessional loans are scarce, resulting in a significant financing gap. Financing gap projections sit at over $100 billion per year for capital investment required to meet the target.

Within this context, USAID requested that the Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene Finance (WASH-FIN) Project conduct an assessment to better understand the prevailing landscape of financing facilities. The primary audience for this report is internal: for use by WASH-FIN in its portfolio countries; and by USAID to inform future WASH finance efforts and non-finance activities. The report’s objective is to assess and consolidate a range of facilities and showcase the relevant information. The report collates available information on experiences of various facilities, noting individual features, advantages, and challenges as they relate to financing WASH providers and other subsectors at the global, regional, and national levels.

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WASH-FIN (2018) ‘Financing Facility Landscape Assessment Report: WASH-FIN Working Paper No. 1’, USA: USAID


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