Financing On-Site Sanitation for the Poor: A Six-Country Comparative Review and Analysis

January 2010

This study presents evidence on alternative financing approaches for on-site household sanitation from case studies in six countries: Bangladesh, Ecuador, India, Mozambique, Senegal, and Vietnam. This evidence can help identify the best-performing approaches and the relevant factors and issues to consider when designing a sanitation financing strategy.

It systematically compares alternative financing approaches based on a set of common indicators, including importantly effectiveness in the use of public funds and targeting. Project successes are presented to share learning on good practices in sanitation programming.

Who is this for and why?

The study identifies a number of useful examples and lessons about finance which should help to advance the design of sanitation finance at the outset of a project. The authors encourage researchers to gain a full understanding of what drives household investment and what the key constraints limiting such investment are, in both financial and non-financial terms.

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