GirlSPARKS: An Introduction to Girl-Centred Design

May 2018

This online course introduces the concept of girl-centred design, offering the opportunity to practise some of the steps with your own design team.

This is not a course that focuses on sanitation and hygiene but may be useful for designing girl-centred sanitation and hygiene programmes. Through this course, you will understand why a focus on girls is essential to solving the problems in many communities, and you will learn how to design a solution for a problem facing girls in your community by working with the girls you are designing for.

This course is an introduction to a girl centred program design process. No prior experience in design is required. Any organisation, even one that does not exclusively target girls, will find this course useful. Learning the principles of best practice program design and considering gender specific beneficiary needs is something that all organisations can benefit from.

You will need a device that allows you to watch to videos, access course materials, and upload your assignments.

Additional details

PublisherPhilanthropy University
ThemesChildren, Gender, Leave no one behind
ApproachesContext analysis, Learning approaches

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