Hand hygiene for all

August 2020

This is a call to action for all of society to achieve universal access to hand hygiene in all settings, especially in health care facilities, schools and crowded public spaces. Sparked by the COVID-19 pandemic, it makes the case for investing in hand hygiene, identifies priorities, outlines roles and responsibilities of key stakeholders, and sets out a roadmap with actions to improve hand hygiene for all. This holistic roadmap covers the areas of political leadership, behaviour change, products and facilities, policies and strategies, institutional arrangements, financing, planning, monitoring and review, and capacity building.

Who is it for? Anyone initiating, advocating for or designing handwashing programming, particularly those in government but also civil society, private sector and NGOs.

Why is it valuable? It’s purpose is to unite those designing and working on handwashing initiatives around a set of core high level goals and principles. It is designed to build on the interest and momentum generated by COVID-19 for handwashing, encouraging stakeholders to consider ways to maintain this focus beyond the pandemic. It includes short-, medium- and long-term priorities outlined across a range of areas relevant to handwashing as well as roles and responsibilities of key stakeholders to guide and align the design of policy and programmes.

Additional details

PublisherUNICEF & World Health Organization
ThemesHandwashing, Hygiene

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