Scaling up group handwashing in schools: Compendium of group washing facilities across the globe

August 2016

This publication is a collection of designs for group handwashing facilities. It is intended as an introduction to the topic and the concept of group handwashing, as well as the principles and the basic requirements for facilities. It is not a detailed step-by-step guide on how to plan or construct facilities. Rather it is intended as an inspiration and motivation for school communities to construct and use group washing facilities in schools and to present possible designs for different settings and contexts. This is the first step to make handwashing with soap and water, as well as other hygiene activities, a daily routine in the life of school children.

Who is it for? Practitioners working on WASH (specifically handwashing) in schools

Why is it valuable? Although not a new publication, this is a useful resource. It specifically focuses on handwashing facilities suitable for use by groups of children in school which is an important site for establishing handwashing behaviours. Many of the designs can be adapted to enable social distancing in the context of COVID-19. Many are also suitable for adults and could be adapted for use as public handwashing facilities. Most are low cost.

Additional details

PublisherUNICEF & GIZ
ThemesBehaviour change, Children, Design, nudges and cues, Handwashing, Hygiene, Leave no one behind

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