Summary report on handwashing and COVID-19

July 2021

This overview from the COVID-19 Hygiene Hub provides a wealth of information on handwashing with soap and how it can help prevent COVID-19. Sections include explanation of how soap at a microscopic level, when and how handwashing should be promoted during the outbreak, and suggestions on facilities and alternatives in areas where water and/or soap are scarce. The report includes numerous links to further information, guidance and resources available on the COVID-19 Hygiene Hub and beyond.

Who is it for? Practitioners/specialists designing or implementing handwashing programmes.

Why is it valuable? It provides a broad range of information relevant to the design and implementation of handwashing programming. It speaks specifically to the need for handwashing in response to the COVID-19 pandemic (although much of the content is applicable to handwashing programming in general). It is a useful first-stop resource for practitioners to gain a broad overview of key considerations, and includes links and additional resources which readers can follow up on for more information.

Additional details

PublisherCOVID-19 Hygiene Hub
ThemesHandwashing, Hygiene

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