Timely, Relevant and Actionable Feedback for Stronger Sanitation Programmes

May 2018

Lessons have been learnt from the experience of these four approaches. These should be relevant across the region, and can been seen as a response to the resolution of SACOSAN VI for countries to take steps to learn and share.

Rural sanitation poses complex and often intractable problems, and the momentum and scale of sanitation programmes across much of South Asia is unprecedented. The speed of implementation means that rapidly identifying what works, filling gaps in knowledge, and finding answers that provide practical ideas for policy and practice can have exceptionally widespread impact provided that they are timely, relevant and actionable.

This four-page briefing presents a range of innovative approaches to rapid learning, sharing and feedback that have been developed and tested in India.  These approaches are: immersive research; rapid topic exploration; crowd-sourcing ideas and innovations; and rapid action learning workshops, including horizontal sharing and learning peer-to-peer. The briefing provides an overview of these approaches along with advice on how to work with them effectively.

Additional details

PublisherInstitute of Development Studies
RegionSouth Asia
ApproachesLearning approaches, Rapid Action Learning approaches

Myers, J. and Chambers, R. (2018) Timely, Relevant and Actionable Feedback for Stronger Sanitation Programmes, Brighton: IDS


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