Unsafe Disposal of Feces of Children <3 Years Among Households with Latrine Access in Rural Bangladesh: Association with Household Characteristics, Fly Presence and Child Diarrhea

April 2018

Young children frequently defecate in the living environment in low-income countries. Unsafe child faeces disposal has been associated with risk of diarrhoea. Additionally, reported practices can underestimate socially undesirable unhygienic behaviours. This analysis aimed to assess (1) the sensitivity of reported child faeces disposal practices as an indicator for observed presence of human faeces in the domestic environment, (2) household characteristics associated with reported unsafe faeces disposal and (3) whether unsafe faeces disposal is associated with fly presence and diarrhoea among children <3 years.

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PublisherPLoS One
ThemesChild faeces, Children, Health, Hygiene, Leave no one behind, Sanitation and health impacts

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