WASH Financing: Challenges and Solutions

14 May 2020

While great progress has been made in increasing WASH access globally, there are still billions of people who need safely managed WASH products and services. iDE believes that markets play a critical role in accelerating WASH uptake.

By developing affordable, aspirational WASH products and compelling social marketing campaigns, iDE catalyzes households in the world’s poorest locations to invest in WASH solutions and contribute to the development of sustainable, local WASH markets.

Not all customers can afford to pay the full cost of WASH products up front. Many also find it challenging to save up money over time due to the lack of local banking options, pressures to spend savings on family obligations, or unanticipated expenses.

Targeted subsidies can increase WASH access for these customers, but subsidy funding is insufficient to meet the challenge. Financing options need to fill the gap. This paper lays out the challenges that organizations like iDE face in expanding access to WASH financing, and outlines opportunities for donors and investors alike to help address these challenges through innovations that bridge funding gaps, unlock working capital, and streamline credit assessments and collections.

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