WASH Markets

January 2019

Public efforts and financing alone are not enough to meet the sustainable development goals for sanitation and clean water—the private sector needs to be engaged as well.

iDE’s Global WASH Initiative is a group of business savvy practitioners and strategists, knowledgeable about how to expand access to WASH products and services through successful market development programmes. This work engages private businesses to collaborate with government and others to achieve social good while making a sustainable profit. By being able to think both like a business and understand customers wants and desires, iDE determines what motivates both groups. The entrepreneurial culture at iDE provides us the ability to take risks to accelerate progress and greatly expand scale and delivery.

The WASH Markets website is a compilation of lessons learned from the past decade, initially launched in 2019 with specific details from the Cambodia programme. There are plans to expand this site over the next couple of years to include experiences in other countries, as well as continue to update Cambodia as it drives toward full sanitation coverage.

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