The Wash’Em Process

27 April 2020

The Wash’Em process involves using 5 rapid assessment tools to understand behaviour. Entering those findings into the Wash’Em software will give you tailored programme recommendations.

There are many existing needs assessment tools. However, these take time and expertise to conduct and often focus just on what people know, rather than what people actually do. Wash’Em offer a set of easy-to-use rapid assessment tools, which are specifically designed for emergency contexts and linked to program design. Each tool explores a different aspect of behaviour.

The hardest part of designing a handwashing behaviour change programme is translating what you have learned about behaviour into an innovative programme. This is where practitioners are often forced to delve into long theoretical books or fly in an expert. The Wash’Em software tries to overcome this challenge. Simply answer some multiple choice questions about your findings and the programme you want to design and it will give you a set of evidence-based activities that are tailored to your context. The software provides step-by step guides for planning the logistics and delivery of each activity and advice from experts.

Additional details

ThemesBehaviour change, Challenging contexts, Fragile contexts, Handwashing, Health, Hygiene
ApproachesContext analysis, Learning approaches

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