What is Sustainable Sanitation?

February 2022

This webpage outlines the dimensions of sanitation sustainability that Sustainable Sanitation Alliance (SuSanA) embedded in their vision when it was founded in 2008: Health and hygiene, environment and natural resources, technology and operation, financial and economic issues, and socio-cultural and institutional aspects. It also mentions the four Bellagio principles from 2000.

This is a synthetic and accessible resource that works well as a checklist for anyone who is looking at the sustainability of a programme, intervention, or system, for planning, monitoring or evaluation purposes. It summarises the basics of sustainable sanitation in just 1500 words.

(Webpage accessed 16th February 2022)

Additional details

PublisherSustainable Sanitation Alliance
ThemesChallenging contexts, Climate change, Health, Hygiene, Monitoring, evaluation and learning, Sustainability and safely managed sanitation

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