Achieving Menstrual Health For All: Are Free Pads the Answer?

March 2021

“Menstruation is about more than pads. Certainly, women, girls, and other people who menstruate need comfortable and affordable menstrual materials, but much more is required for a positive experience of menstruation. Policies that focus only on the provision of products are likely to fall short if they fail to consider the context of other menstrual health needs.” Dr Julie Hennegan,

In this blog the author Dr Julie Hennegan, Research Fellow – Burnet Institute, Melbourne, calls for strategic investment in robust, evidence-based approaches, with a holistic view of menstrual health, to ensure that no one is held back by their period.

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PublisherAustralian Institute of International Affairs
ThemesGender, Government leadership, Health, Menstrual health and hygiene, Sanitation and health impacts, Sustainability and safely managed sanitation

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