How Do Rural Communities Sustain Sanitation Gains? Qualitative Comparative Analyses of Community-Led Approaches in Cambodia and Ghana

15 March 2022

This article examines community-level dynamics in sustaining sanitation outcomes in Cambodia and Ghana. The authors rigorously analyse two different contexts of CLTS application and present the factors or “pathways” which foster sustainable CLTS. The Cambodian and Ghanaian settings reveal different pathways to the presence and use of household toilets, making a case for sanitation programmes to tailor their strategies to the operating contexts where they apply.

This article represents a good balance to the temptation we sometimes have in the sector to insist on ‘global’ frameworks and methods.

Additional details

PublisherMultidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute
RegionEast and South East Asia, Western Africa
CountryCambodia, Ghana
ThemesBehaviour change, Social norms

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