Learning in the Sanitation and Hygiene Sector

SLH Learning Briefs 7
July 2020

How do you think we learn best? What barriers do you see and experience that make it more difficult for us to learn? And what steps should we be taking to reduce the barriers and improve how we learn more effectively?

This SLH Learning Brief summarises the key learning from a rapid topic exploration on how the sanitation and hygiene (S&H) sector learns horizontally as well as from communities. This is to understand the processes used, how the learning is being integrated into our work and to consider the ways of moving forward with the aim of strengthening learning processes within the sector. A longer learning paper accompanies this brief.

Additional details

PublisherInstitute of Development Studies
ThemesMonitoring, evaluation and learning
ApproachesLearning approaches

House, S. (2020) ‘Learning in the Sanitation and Hygiene Sector’, SLH Learning Brief 7, The Sanitation Learning Hub, Brighton: IDS


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