Men and Open Defecation

SLH Rapid Action Learning Papers
September 2017

In rural India, men defecate in the open more than women even when they have access to a functional toilet. In comparison to using low cost pit latrines, open defecation (OD) is perceived to be promoting purity and strength, particularly by men, who are mostly the chief wage earners and decision-makers on how money should be spent in the household. Several studies have found that there is a clear gender gap in toilet usage.

This report is based on a current rapid review that focuses on open defecation particularly among men and possible practical solutions in addressing the issue.

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PublisherInstitute of Development Studies
ThemesBehaviour change, Gender, Social norms

Satyavada, A. (2017) ‘Men and Open Defecation’, Rapid Topic Review, Brighton: IDS


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