Menstrual Disposal, Waste Management & Laundering in Emergencies: A Compendium

September 2020

This compendium aims to provide strategic guidance to support organisations and agencies seeking to rapidly address these critical and often overlooked aspects of an MHM response.

The compendium complements the MHM in Emergencies Toolkit, which identified a few key gaps in practice, namely: menstrual disposal, waste management and the laundering of reusable materials.

The compendium was informed by a desk review, qualitative assessments with a range of humanitarian actors and organisations, environmental inspections of new approaches and strategies being piloted and direct discussions with displaced girls and women directly experiencing these issues.

Additional details

PublisherColumbia University & International Rescue Committee
ThemesChallenging contexts, Fragile contexts, Leave no one behind, Menstrual health and hygiene, Sanitation value chain
ApproachesContext specific and adaptive approaches

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