Tackling Slippage: Webinar Resources

September 2019

This resource includes six examples of where slippage has occurred and what has been done to reverse it. It aims to lay the groundwork for more systematic learning among practitioners.

On 24 September 2019 the Hub hosted a webinar to launch issue 14 of Frontiers of CLTS: Innovations and Insights, Tackling Slippage. Its author, Sophie Hickling, began by presenting a framework for identifying slippage and the factors that contribute to it.

Louise Maule, of UNICEF Philippines, then led a discussion on their work on the safe disposal of child faeces. The final presentation was from Jackson Wandera, of the Sustainable Sanitation & Hygiene for All project in Tanzania, who explained how Jirani sanitation groups are being used to sustain open defecation free status.

The presentations can be found below:

1. Tackling Slippage, Sophie Hickling, MG Africa Consultants
2. Safe Disposal of Child Faeces, Louise Maule, WASH Chief, UNICEF Philippines
3. Jirani Sanitation Groups: Sustaining ODF Status in Tanzania, Jackson Wandera, Project Manager, SSH4A Project, SNV Tanzania



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