WASH System Building Block Assessment Tool

May 2020

This Excel tool can be used to assess the status of the building blocks to deliver water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) services away from home (i.e. at schools or health care facilities). You can also use the tool to assess the functioning of the building blocks for a specific service delivery model.

Systems strengthening means making sure that all the main building blocks of a strong WASH system are in place and functioning to a minimum level. Putting these building blocks in place isn’t a one-off activity; it’s a never-ending process of strengthening and adaptation. By assessing the status of each building block and the linkages between them, WASH practitioners can identify weak points and target their interventions for greater effect.

Building block scoring makes it easier to provide quick overviews and comparisons of relative change within a country and a district when repeated over time.

Additional details

PublisherIRC WASH
ThemesMonitoring, evaluation and learning, Tools and processes
ApproachesContext analysis, Learning approaches

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