Gender transformative WASH

Gender transformative approaches aim to transform the power structures that underlie unequal gender relations and norms. Empowering marginalised women and girls to come into the public domain, share their perspectives, take on leadership roles, set political agendas and form movements is central to this approach.

Working with men and boys as allies and champions of change is also vital. Transformative approaches also aim to understand how gender inequalities intersect with and compound other inequalities, striving for more complex and nuanced programming. As gender issues and dynamics affect everyone individually, every day, personal transformation is a key element of gender transformative WASH.

Our judgements and decisions around gender and sexuality are often so deeply ingrained that we make them unconsciously. As individuals, organisations and as a sector, we need to work towards acknowledging, unpacking and challenging unconscious bias. The sector is still gathering evidence on what makes up effective gender transformative programming approaches, however, some valuable guidance and tools are emerging. It is important that we try out guidance and tools on new issues in order for them to evolve and become more effective.

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