Podcast: Feminising data and nudging change for gender equity

March 2023

This podcast was published in celebration of International Women’s Day (IWD) 2023 by Connecting Citizens to Science. The two guests discuss the differences between the terms equity and equality and speak about the work they are doing to promote gender equity. They unearth differences as well as similarities across their respective contexts – sanitation and community health – but draw the same conclusions.

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About the guests:

Dr. Renu Khosla –  Director, Centre for Urban and Regional Excellence (CURE)

Dr. RENU KHOSLA is the Director of the Centre for Urban and Regional Excellence (CURE) in India. Her core values are designed to include, level-up and connect urban low-income communities. She seeks to unthink and reimagine slum development, with a focus on water, sanitation and hygiene; nudging a change from top-down to bottom-up and state to people-led development. Her work is aimed at strengthening local government capacity for: participative planning, information visualization and analytics using spatial and social media technologies, localizing and de-engineering solutions and strategies and simplifying institutions. Her work has led to deepening of the policy discourse on urban poor and access to services.

Dr Lilian Otiso – Executive Director, LVCT Health

Dr. Lilian Otiso is the Executive Director of LVCT Health, a large Kenyan NGO that carries out programs on HIV, sexual & reproductive health, gender-based violence, mental health and community health reaching over 1 million individuals annually.

She is a medical doctor with an MBA in Health Care Management currently pursuing a PhD in Global Health at the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine. Her PhD topic is on accountability for universal health coverage among pregnant adolescents/teenage mothers. Lilian has over 15 years’ clinical, programming and research experience in government and NGO sectors at senior management level. She has been a Principle Investigator and co-investigator of several research studies. She is passionate about the community and has conducted several studies and projects on community health. She has contributed to Kenyan and global WHO guidelines and policies and published several documents and peer reviewed articles. She is the winner of the Trocaire Oscar Romero Award 2021 for protecting vulnerable communities during COVID 19.

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