Local Government Leadership for Sanitation and Hygiene in West Africa

SLH Rapid Action Learning Papers
April 2021

The sanitation and hygiene (S&H) situation in most of West Africa is considered to be a cause for concern, despite the efforts and the large campaign towards Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 6.2.

This rapid desk-based study focused on local governments, given their increasing importance in ensuring improved access to Sanitation & Hygiene (S&H) in West Africa, and across the world.

It was conducted to identify local governments that could be considered champions in the West African region and that demonstrated strong leadership in S&H; to understand why they have prioritised S&H, the support they received, the stakeholders, the management of inequalities, and the gaps in sub-national governments’ efforts regarding S&H prioritisation.

Additional details

PublisherInstitute of Development Studies
RegionWestern Africa
CountryBenin, Burkina Faso, Ghana, Liberia, Mali, Niger, Nigeria, Togo
ThemesCampaigns, Government leadership, National and sub-national monitoring systems, Sustainability and safely managed sanitation
ApproachesLearning approaches, Rapid Action Learning approaches, Sanitation approaches

Wone, I. (2021) ‘Local Government Leadership for Sanitation and Hygiene in West Africa’, Rapid Topic Review, The Sanitation Learning Hub, Brighton: IDS, DOI: 10.19088/SLH.2021.005


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