Sexual and Gender Minorities and COVID-19: Guidance for WASH delivery

June 2020

Prepared by Edge Effect (SGM Inclusion Advisors to Water for Women) and Water for Women, this guidance note has been developed to address the lack of resources specific to sexual and gender minority inclusion and WASH in COVID-19 responses.

During COVID-19, the discrimination and exclusion faced by sexual and gender minorities (SGM) has been amplified. This guidance note has been developed to help our partners and the broader WASH sector actively support sexual and gender minorities so that they are not left behind in COVID-19 WASH responses.

This guidance note covers:

  • How SGM inclusive is your program?
  • Root causes of discrimination, violence and exclusion faced by SGM communities
  • Key considerations for SGM inclusion
  • Additional actions for specific WASH and COVID-19 interventions

Additional details

PublisherWater for Women Fund
ThemesBehaviour change, COVID-19, Gender, Gender and equity, Health, Leave no one behind, Sexual and gender minorities, Social norms
ApproachesLearning approaches

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