Strengthening Sanitation and Hygiene in the WASH Systems Conceptual Framework

January 2020

This paper results from discussions in the Sustainable Services Initiative (SSI) of Welthungerhilfe. It contributes to the debate on the applicability of WASH system concepts and frameworks to sanitation and hygiene.

It focuses particularly on the key differences between water supply, sanitation and hygiene that may affect approaches to systems strengthening, the applicability of conceptual frameworks and concepts for ‘WASH’ systems to all three WASH sub-sectors and the required adaptations.

This is a good entry point to systems thinking for sanitation specialists and practitioners, as it allows understanding of the systems framework, its concepts and building blocks, while avoiding the ‘water bias’ pitfall, as it focuses on sanitation and hygiene specifically. It includes references to other key publications in WASH system thinking for further reading.

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